I am Stephen McBride and I have been a hospital and hospice chaplain since 1990. I worked from 1990 – 1995 in the Northern Ireland Hospice as the Church of Ireland chaplain and when I moved from St Peter’s parish in Belfast to All Saints’ parish in Antrim, I became the Church of Ireland chaplain in Antrim and Holywell Hospitals.


I value the time I get to spend in both hospitals and unlike parish life when you often operate on your own, as a chaplain you are part of a team and the support from colleagues is greatly valued. The encounters with patients can be both rewarding and demanding, but that is what makes chaplaincy so fulfilling. Alongside my hospital and parish commitments, I am also Archdeacon of Connor.


Outside of hospital and parish life I enjoy playing at Massereene golf club where I am one of two club chaplains. I enjoy travel, cinema and visits to eat out with my wife Helen.