Executive Council Summary Minutes

Beginning with our September 2021 meeting, here you will find a summary of the minutes from our Executive Council meetings.

For further information on any aspect of the minutes or the work of the Executive, please contact our secretary at secretary@nihca.co.uk.

21st September 2021, 10am. (via Zoom)

A working group to be set up, to look at the present workload of Executive Roles and if the present levels of cost would need increased or evened out. Also to look at the roles of the members according to the constitution and the possibility of a link person to liaise with the Trusts/employers. As we look at the business case for DoH can we consider other roles that may be funded for example a Liaison Officer linking Trusts and resources for NIHCA.

– We would like to update the website and streamline Facebook pages.
– Consideration to be given to possible academic links with the purpose of moving towards a closer connection to accredited academic and professionally recognised programmes as a means to both justify and to increase its funding for training received from the DoH.
– the patient resource bank, which has all been distributed.
– CPE Unit cancelled due to lack of numbers.
– Training Event Dromantine – October 13th -14th– October Training with Bishop Router and Karen Murray of RCM
– March 2022 Training – set now for the 8th and 9th of March (new Training programme says it is 2-3 March) – with Ewan Kelly and Andy Gillies, will be held at Drumalis, and will be a certificated professional chaplaincy qualification in Reflective Practice.
– Zoom-in-Hours – Prof. Chris Swift will undertake a Zoom-in-Hour training session with the NIHCA in December taking the theme of “chaplaincy to those in later life” and Prof Annette Callis (Vanguard University, California) will be speaking to us in January on the theme of staff care in the context of a chaplaincy led course to care for nursing staff named “Tea for the Soul”.
– Intention of Training Director to step down at the end of June 2022
– contact with Robert Cranston who will help us with the Business Plan.
– ENHCC (The European Network of Health Care Chaplaincy) membership actively re-joining
– CHCC (College of Health Care Chaplains) Michael M will take up membership as a NIHCA representative
– If someone leaves active chaplaincy, can they still pay fees and access training? – Constitution section 4:2 Associate membership open to join and attend training.
– Future training to look at in-person and simultaneously on Zoom if possible.
Date of next meeting: November 16th 10am