Annual Membership

All membership applications require support by a NIHCA member. You must first complete and submit an application form by email to or by post (address is application form).  This application will then be reviewed by the Executive. If your application is successful, payment will then be asked of you. The application form can be downloaded here:

Membership Application form 2021-22 (Word format)

Membership Application form 2021-22 (PDF format)

For 2021/22 annual Membership fee is £25 salaried chaplains, £10 unsalaried chaplains. The fee is due each year before/at the AGM.

How to Pay (after Application is Successful)

• Cheques should be made payable to “NIHCA” and forwarded to Mrs Sanna Mallon (Treasurer) – address is on the application form.

Direct Bank Transfers details:

Bank: Bank of Ireland

Account number: 96617071

Sort code: 902389

Please include your name in the message to identify your payment and notify Mrs Sanna Mallon by email ( that you have paid by bank transfer.

You can also pay on the website through PayPal, having completed a membership application form first.

Free training is only available to chaplains who have paid their membership fee.

NIHCA Constitution – 4. Membership

4.1 Membership of the Association shall be open to all chaplains (salaried or voluntary) working in
healthcare settings in Northern Ireland;
4.2 Associate membership of the Association may be granted to former or retired chaplains who have been Members of the Association, in recognition of their service. Associate Members shall have no voting rights;
4.3 The Executive Council shall have the right to determine, after consultation with Members, categories and conditions of membership;
4.4 The Executive Council shall have the right to approve or reject applications for membership;
4.5 All Members of the Association shall abide by the Code of Conduct of the Association;
4.6 The Executive Council shall have the right to terminate membership provided that the Member concerned shall have the right to be heard by the Executive Council before a final decision is made; at such a meeting the Member concerned may also nominate another Member or other person to speak on their behalf.