Hi, I'm Fr Robert Sloan. I am a native of Newcastle, County Down.

I am the eldest of four children, and uncle to seven nephew and nieces. I’ve been a priest for ten years having been ordained in Rome on Christmas Eve 2005. I studied in Dublin, Salamanca (Spain), Rome and New York. Since ordination I have worked in various countries and in different ministries; most recently as curate of St Agnes' Parish, in Andersonstown. However, when Bishop Noel Treanor asked me to become Chaplain in the Royal Victoria Hospital I was quite surprised; this would indeed be a whole new adventure in my life of ministry!

As a priest I have spent many a time attending to the sick and bereaved but ministering in a hospital as complete and as big as the Royal Victoria Hospital has been a wonderful learning experience and a blessing. Since I began in the RVH in 2014 I have continued to learn and have a greater appreciation for the experiences gathered in ministry over the years and how they can certainly help us in our hospital ministry. One aspect of chaplaincy that I am particularly grateful for in the Royal is the wonderful team spirit among all the chaplains on the site. I have been a member of the NIHCA since beginning ministry at the Royal and served on the Executive as Catholic Church representative until recently being elected as President in May 2019. I also represent the NIHCA as a board member of the UKBHC. May the Lord continue to bless us and those we minister to.

God bless.