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UKBHC Engagement event 17th September, in Assembly Buildings, Belfast.

UKBHC Engagement event

Present: 21 people, with 10 Board members and 11 guests.

Rev Derek Johnston, UKBHC secretary, welcomed all to Belfast, and gave brief
introduction to purpose of the afternoon. Permission was requested and given
for photographs of the event to be hosted on websites and Twitter.

Rev Mark Stobert, UKBHC Chairperson, gave a presentation that included –
website tour, history of UKBHC, Professional Standards Authority (PSA)
accreditation 2017.

Rev Mark Rodgers, UKBHC Registrar, reported on criteria for registration and
maintaining registration, recognition of 2 CPE units, with experience, and
developing portfolio route for registration. It was noted that several more
applications have come from NI chaplains as a result of recent Board
decision about CPE.

Rev Mark Stobert developed further the theme of maintaining registration and some thoughts on reflective practice.

Different attendees shared in open discussion about the various items

It was felt to be a very worthwhile engagement and certainly raised
awareness of UKBHC in NI.

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